The Benefits of Online Dating vs Offline Dating

The Benefits of Online dating vs Offline Dating
The Benefits of Online dating vs Offline Dating

Love isn’t the easiest thing for everyone to find for themselves. Some people just stumble upon the right person while some aren’t so lucky. Some people can’t find the right person for them-self in real life, so why not search in the virtual world? Online dating is an amazing way of finding that special someone on the go or from the comfort of your own home. It allows for you to know whether or not a certain person is right for you without having to spend time with them in real life.

There is a certain idea about online dating that seems to drive people away and it none of those reasons are valid in my opinion. 11% of Americans have used an online dating site or app so that means the variety of people you meet will vary. Which means the chances of finding some crazy person on the internet becomes very slim when you put it all into perspective.

When you think about online dating the only thought one should have is finding the right person for them. 5% of married couples find their partner online. Why can’t you possibly be one of them? Online dating benefits are immense and should be treated as a valid tool for finding a person’s match.
Online dating is a great tool for finding your correct match and it seems like something like this would be used more often right? Well the rest of the world doesn’t seem to understand its merits.

When the average American is asked about their opinion on the concept of online dating, you more than likely won’t hear anything good said about it. The popular opinion surrounding online dating is that the majority of the people on there are desperate and can’t find dates in real life. In fact, a survey was taken and 21% of the people who were polled agreed with the idea that those who use dating sites are desperate people who are losers and can’t find dates in real life. This stigma is very untrue and not very well thought out when one really thinks about it.

Online dating is more than just finding people on the internet. After you find the person you still have to meet them offline and convince them that you aren’t a complete waste of their time. It is ridiculous to think of these people in such a way when you consider the fact that they still had to jump through all of the same hoops that you did to keep your girlfriend or boyfriend. At this point though, it seems as though if am ranting and raving so allow me to get back on track.

Online dating is something that can actually improve one’s social skills greatly. Either you already have the necessary social skills and aptitude to strive and make use of this environment, or you grow your skills and experience with continued use. Then your chances of interacting with quality people will increase. And as you meet more people, your chances of meeting someone you connect positively, will increase.

As for when you make that connection that is up to chance, timing, and whether you’re not self-sabotaging yourself. When you finally make that leap and finish your date successfully then it is easy to see that one’s confidence would increase after that.

So that was my two cents on the benefits of online dating. Personally I believe that it is a great tool that needs to be taken advantage of by more people. It has too many upsides for people to act as though it is only a thing that the socially inept make use of. Your match may be out there somewhere so you might as well look in all the possible places including the internet, right?

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