Ten Great Reasons Why You Should Never Take Your Ex Back


It is a known fact that relationships are not at all times fixable, and many people do not even want to give it a try. Today, the divorce rate is very high; going back to an old relationship may be very dangerous and can be compared to going back to an old job you abandoned. The truth is such relationship does not always end well even if it works for some people. That is why the principle of individual differences must be well taken care of here. On and off relationships are the most awful. The fact that it works for A and B does not necessarily mean it will work for C and D. The feelings of loneliness, heartbreak, and nostalgia can definitely cloud your vision and as a result cause you make the decisions that are very wrong. Thus, if you are thinking of getting back with your ex, just be honest with yourself and read these 10 reasons why you should never take your ex back:

  1. There Must Have Been a Reason Why You Broke Up

Have you ever taken time to think about the reason why you broke up? You must have cried so badly when it happened. You went through so many things then; I bet you do not want to pass through such heart-breaking experience anymore. You got together and it failed, some relationship basically does not work together. It is normal sometimes if you still have some feelings for him/her, but that does not change the fact that you may not be compatible and that was why it ended in the first place.

  1. There are Many Reasons Your Ex Does Not Respect the Relationship or You

See, we do not need to kid ourselves here. So many people in a relationship show blatant disrespect. It is not a mistake; it is a consistent disregard for you as well as the relationship. If that is the kind of person we are talking about here, then there is really nothing to consider. Allowing him/her to come back will not change anything about him/her.

  1. Issues Have Not Been Addressed

Issues do not get addressed by mere I’m Sorry. Lack of proper communication may lead to so many issues. Taking back your ex without addressing the issues properly is a set up for more frustration and disappointment.

  1. Trust Has Been Shattered.

In relationship, one of the most important things is trust, it is extremely vital in a relationship. Ones shattered, it is difficult to put back together. I am very sure you do not want to be in a relationship with shattered trust. You need to have that trust that he/she can never run from you.

  1. There is Emotional Baggage from Your Relationship.

The emotional baggage which weighs people down after breakup is there. Getting back together with your ex tends to increase the weight of that baggage very quickly. All the bad memories gradually come back especially when the same things start happening again. At the end, you are back where you left: broken.

  1. Your Feelings will Change

What you are feeling now is not what you will feel by the time you are with your ex. You will miss the person you care about when you are far away from each other. All the feelings will vanish as soon as both of you are back together and things started happening again and at the end you revert back to not wanting to live with him/her.

  1. There are Alternatives

The world may be a global village, but the numbers of potential lovers keep increasing. Do not get me wrong as this may be hard to digest, there are more people for you to possibly fall in love with, and you know what, it is getting pretty easier to meet them.

  1. Do Not Deceive Yourself, They are still Not Willing to Meet Your Needs

The truth is for him/her to have allowed you to go, it will be difficult for him/her to be willing to meet your needs. Do not forget that recognizing and meeting your partner’s basic wants and needs is a critical aspect of any healthy relationship. Probably the inability to meet those needs in your first relationship led to the initial conflict.

  1. You are Just Attached with Your Ex, You are Not in Love

If you are thinking you are in love with you ex right now, you might probably be getting it wrong; you are just attached because you are still thinking of all the energy you invested to make the relationship work earlier. Your desire to take back your ex is not because you are in love; it is simply because you want to hold on to the hope that you did not get it wrong.

  1. You May End Up Breaking Up Again

You do not need to deceive yourself; such relationship may end up breaking again. When both of you are not just meant to be, hardly is there anything you can do to make it work. You can save yourself now that you can.

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