Best Local Dating Apps for Android

Best Local Dating Apps for Android
Best Local Dating Apps for Android

Talking about online dating apps, there is a lot of success and comfort in choosing already popular local dating apps because obviously, local dating apps with fewer users may not work very well. For those interested in online dating, these apps are classic choices. Continuous update, as a matter of fact, brings a lot of innovation to most of these apps and they have become more interactive, more intuitive and more open to different dating preferences. It is very true that location-based services are here to stay. Currently, local dating apps especially for those looking for local love have flooded the Android markets. Highlighted below are some of the best local dating apps for android:


This app strip down local dating to what is vital which is the introduction. When compared with OkCupid and, this app is more of a small startup. MeetMoi aim at showing you singles nearby who meets your dating standards, MeetMoi hopes to lead you to a genuine connection. As soon as you join, your location is updated by the company’s technology and you are introduced to great neighbouring people. You can choose to connect with them straightway if you like what you see.


Skout is one of the safest local dating apps out there. Skout’s massive flagging services alert users of unsuitable contact. The service, with over one million users, hosts one of the most popular and largest location-based dating apps on the Android markets. Features like private blog access, private chat, flirt buzz (which trails who around you is hooking up) and search filters allow you to connect with only the people you wish to meet and date, making this app one of the favorite among the singles audience online.


This is android mobile app that has change the way singles meet worldwide. SinglesAroundMe is a location-based mobile dating app for Android and some other operating systems. SAM app is a cool way to find singles and for singles on the go like you, it is a must have app. This app covers the globe and your local city.


This is otherwise known as the online dating Google. OKCupid, which hit the scene in 2004, offers its app for free. Furthermore, it hosts OK Trends which is a blog that charts user habits and analytics. You can do almost everything you do on the OkCupid website with this app which includes creating your own profile, checking and rating other people’s profile, chatting with people you are interested in and answering simple surveys to match up a similar person. Recently, geo-location app was introduced by OKCupid to help users keep watch for local singles.


This is one of the earlier social network that is GPS-powered, Brightkite is not a “dating” app as such, but reasonably, bring together local users on a plain level. Participants’ current location is used by Brightkite to connect people, which allow them to chat and probably meet up. The app has been heralded as a pronounced way to find a date, connect with locals while traveling or meet new people.

Your social network is brought to life in the real world by Sonar. By connecting to Twitter and Facebook, the app lets you see how to connect with those physically and actually around you in real time. Whenever you check in to a place, Sonar checks other users nearby. The decision is now yours whether to say hello. Even though Sonar does not see itself as a geo-location dating app, the goal is to uncover the unseen connections missed daily.


Happn, a Parisian take on dating apps, allow you to meet people you rub shoulders with while walking provided both people are on the network. Happn allows individuals to cup tie while they cross paths on GPS. It is a strongly location-based app that shows up users only within 250 meters from you, if both individual cares to match, Happn will link them for a date. This app shows the number of times you walk by that person, the exact time and location of that specific encounter. Happn is a great local dating app.


If you are based in London or some key cities in the United States, then Hinge is for you, other locations are not supported presently. With Hinge, you are sure of meeting up with real people, Hinge, a great dating app, brings you a fresh inflow of suitors daily. It is only available in about 34 cities like San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, DC, London, Albany, Atlanta, Boston, Austin/San Antonio, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Seattle, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Columbus, Portland, Denver, Houston, Detroit, Indianapolis, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Miami, Nashville, Omaha, New Orleans, Orlando, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Raleigh, San Diego, St. Louis and Tampa.

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