Shubham Gupta

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Birth sign: Aquarius
Age: 20 years old
Preference: Straight
Sex: Male
Country: India
City: Mumbai

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Personality Quiz

  1. Would you date someone from another race? Maybe

  2. How would you breakup with some one? Send them a letter

  3. Are you currently employed? No

  4. Do you want children? No

  5. How often do you clean your house? Rarely

  6. Would you date someone who has a disability? Yes

  7. What type of relationship are you seeking? Exclusive commited relationship

  8. How would you describe your social personality. Shy - Reserved

  9. Are you OK with holding hands, kissing and hugging in public? (PDA) Yes

  10. If someone breaks up with you, How would you handle it? Wait for a while to heal then try dating again.

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