• Birth sign: Cancer
  • Age: 69 years old
  • Preference: Straight
  • Sex: Male
  • Country: Sudan
  • City: Khartoum

About me

hi pretty lady i invite u to visit sudan .so when u came to sudan iam going to take u to alovely and attractive place in the world .u will be very please when u see the natural nature .iam going to take u to my villege which is located at 50km from khartoum the capital of sudan .where is all the population are relatives . so people here living sfely .u will sleep safely and not afraid from anything .so we can sleep and all our doors are open till morrning. so when u reach my villege iam going to take u to the far west to my villege where is u can find our animals eating the natural grass and u will see the trees and small hills and sands and small vallies. also i can take u to the east of my villege where is u can find river nile and the farms of my people .i think itis asafe and lovely place in the worl . so u can injoy alovely time during wondering and walking around my villege and u will love the nature there and our simple people. as background about me .i had been borned in the mentioned villege at 1954. i completed the university level at khartoum polytechnic at 1979 and had been awarded an electrical engineering diploma . after graduation i had worked at algash agricultural scheme as assistant engineer . at january 1981 i left algash agricultural scheme .and i joined vocational training centres as an electrical inistructor 1981 and working till now.. now iam adirector of khartoum3 vocational training centre. iam honest man who is really looking for real love .love which leads to marriage and marriage which leads to long life happiness with kids . from what i had said u can know that iam an educated man .therefor no one can cheat me and i will never cheat anyone .if u become my wife i will treat u politely and lovely and all my people do so ..u can ask me do u fail to find wife in your country .my answer is no .iam finding many ladies in my country for sex via marriage or without marriage .but iam looking for awoman from abroad inorder to stablish with her an international trade between my country and her country ..i hope to meet u soon in my lovely villege.if u like contact me my id is........................................................ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, or my messenger is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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