• Birth sign: Leo
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Preference: Straight
  • Sex: Female
  • Country: Philippines
  • City: Cebu City

About me

Waiting for the one It is no wonder my heart is broken, my mind is weary and I am forever restless. I live a double life, forever walking two path; this one and the one I could not take. My feet walk the path I have chosen, my mind wanders the road not taken, and my heart. My heart is forever torn between the two. HI everyone :) Just call me Che. I am from Cebu city QUEEN SOUTH. I live with my eldest sister. And i grew up in the province of Cebu which is called a SPRING OF HOPE. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. I wonder why in the 3 of them I am the one single. hahahaha, because i think i am not that pretty but i am cute :). I am not attractive but i will let people judge my looks. I am single, NO KIDS. But i love kids i spoiled my niece and nephews. I played with them if i have free time and teaching them things, good things. I am running a family business, no choice. According to them I am wiser and smart of my age but I don't know if i am. But one thing i know is i love making people laugh and smile.

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