Porishar Elvis

  • Birth sign: Sagittarius
  • Age: 42 years old
  • Preference: Straight
  • Sex: Female
  • Country: Togo
  • City: Lome

About me

am Friendly, Clever / Quick Witted, Dry / Sarcastic, Campy / Cheesy, Goofy, Slapstick, Obscure, Raunchy Am looking for a good relationship a good partner some one that is honest hopeful and kind as am; cool and lovely.. life is all about understanding and Faith;Am looking for some one that is able to earn a good long life lasting relationship, Am an Engineer by profession with God,s help working in our branch Department office here in Lome am good looking so king with a good understanding am some that love peace and fun:Nice Meeting you all good Friends My family, life is to be happy in life with my partner and friends Interests Networking And Direct Marketing Business Marriage And Relationship

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