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i am here to make friends from all around the world & specially from egypt, russia , iran, costa rica , india & many more i really love pretty girls i collect them like the collector who collect butterflies i do respect women a lot but it is a common thing that straight men like women & straight women like men so check me out & be my guest lovely ladies & gentlemen the world needs love please make clear ur hearts just like u were born with them & it was ur 1st day in this world no matter what is ur age now & see how colorful this god's creation is ( forgive every1 who hurt u its really painful but do it) love u all tc :) v sincere caring and honest man never married or played with any lady i do respect ladies a lot now i need a girl who want to be respected and can give respect in against in any relation be clear ...openly chat with me what u want and what r u capable off .....so lets see... :) i have worked for police,bank,hospitals ngo fashion shows walk & many things i am gym crazy han i have very good knowledge and working experience as well.. :) i am here for any kind of relationship if ok then v can marry as well all depends upon ur intentions... so m ready if u want some come & get some tc i may not answer all your questions but i'll tell you no lies. let's write the story of true love, thank you love u guys :)


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